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Things to expect in ’16 and a recap of what we saw in ’15!


We kicked things off in Bangor this past April and it left us speechless, we were amazed at how well it was supported, and the positive feedback we got inspired us to go forward. I think that it was a great mix of all things and the local artists, businesses all appreciated you showing up! We had our ups and downs for a first year con, but all in all it just felt great to be a part of Bangor for the weekend.

The Friday Night Live kickoff was awesome, local bands all putting their talents on a stage and doing what they do best, play loud, play hard. Will Hesketh took that little idea of mine and made it 50 times bigger, better than I thought possible. He brought us a great mix and people walked away wanting to know one thing – Where are they playing next?! And THAT was the goal. Awesome job Will!

Soubanh Phanthay brought out his team of photographers and they did not let us down. Memorymaker Photography did more than just snap some great shots of the con, they covered it like a media event that deserved the coverage! From AWESOME YouTube commercials, interviews with the guests, shots of the cosplayers and more, he took it as far as they could and you can see the energy in everything they all did! Just think, he lives in Brewer and has a local business, what can one do with that information and a local talent?! Hmm…

Our gaming was perfect, we didn’t know what to expect, so we tried to cover it all. Weekend Anime and the MFGA were a few of those who saw to it. They brought their A game, if I can say that! Julie York and Antonio Williams were just a few of the great folks that handled all things gaming. I can see these 2 leading next years gaming sections in the right direction and I think it will only get bigger.

Cosplay? Yup, we had some fun there as well. From the Darknight of Bangor to Storm, kitteninstrings Cosplay handled most of the duties there. She organized a few contests and kept things sane on that end. She has organized these things before around New England, so it wasn’t her first con! It was fun for all to see the costumes and the kids smiling as they got to see some of their favorite heroes walk about the con floor. We can’t wait to see what we do with this part next year!

Artists and media guests, vendors and those who came to cosplay along side their favorites (Ghostbusters of Maine, 501st, the Wampa Clan Mercs & More) You guys ROCKED! My kids couldn’t stop talking about Darth Vader, the Ghostbusters, the Stormtroopers and all the others. Thank you so much for making it as fun as you did! We hope we will have you interacting with the folks for years to come! A special shout out to Doug Jones, you made the con exactly how I wanted it to go, you’ll never read this, but the fans that came that weekend and myself won’t ever forget it. I sat across from you in Lexington a few yrs ago and watched how you interacted with people, I set most of this con in motion with that as a guiding point. I wanted it to roll just the way you do, and I can’t express my appreciation without drooling it up like a fanboy.. lol Much love to you, good sir!!

There is so much to do at a con, even a small one like this. We are excited to add the new ideas to ’16, and look forward to bringing the big con feel back to Bangor! It takes a year to set these things in motion, to line it all up. So when you can, if you are coming to the event, GET YOUR TICKETS ASAP! It all goes back in to grow this project and we THANK YOU for your patience and most importantly, your support!

Last, but far from least.. A huge brotherly love THANK YOU to my best buds a boy could have, for guidance, a hand, an ear and a shoulder to lean on.. Kevin Igo, Hans Jurawitz & Jarrod Greer, I love you more than words can describe.

‐Christopher & Erica MacMillan (Kelsey, Liam, Ethan & Liv, too!)