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10:00 – Intro to Cosplay
1:00-3:00 – Cosplay Craftsmanship Judging
4:00 – Cosplay Masquerade
4:30 – Cosplay Dating Game


10:45 – Kid Cosplay Contest Line Up
11:00 – Kid Cosplay Contest
12:30 – Cosplay Death Match Setup
1:00 – Cosplay Death Match
4:00 – Q&A Panel
5:00 – Q&A Panel


We’re pleased to announce that BCTC will be offering prizes for the following places:


Masters 1st
Masters 2nd

Journeyman 1st
Journeyman 2nd

Novice 1st
Novice 2nd


Best in Show 1st
Best in Show 2nd

To register please fill out the form below. Registration will also be available at con Saturday morning at the MACE table or with Kitteninstrings Cosplay at her booth.

If you have any questions regarding the Cosplay Craftsmanship or Masquerade, please email Jena at kitteninstrings@gmail.com.

Online registration must be completed by midnight Thursday April 7th. Any entrants after that must register in person at the Cosplay table during the specified time. All entrants must check in at the Cosplay Registration area prior to the Cosplay Contest to assure their slot.

COSPLAY Registration Table:
Can be done with MACE or Kitteninstrings Cosplay at their tables.
Will be open from 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm on Saturday.


  • Each contestant(s) must have a badge/wrist band(s) to this year’s Bangor Comic and Toy Con
  • Each contestant(s) must adhere to costume and prop policies.
  • Pre-Registration will be capped at 40 entrants for this year’s event. Those who pre-register MUST check in Saturday at the contest registration table (location will be announced at a later date)
  • All costumes MUST be AT LEAST 50% handmade OR altered for CRAFTSMANSHIP. Commissioned costumes will be allowed if the creator is present. All other store bought or commissioned costumes may only enter the walk on portion. (NOTE: our judges will decide if costumes are at least 50% handmade or altered)
  • Cap for this year’s event will be 50 entrants.
  • Each entrant must fill out the contest registration to guarantee their spot in the event. Please remember when filling this out that the organizer and emcee must be able to read your handwriting

Contest Divisions:

  • MASTERS DIVISION – entrants in this division have won best in show or placed in multiple top 3 in a past contests at conventions. Additionally, anyone who feels they can compete in this division is allowed to enter this.
  • JOURNEYMAN DIVISION – entrants in this division have entered contests in the past and haven’t won best in show.
  • NOVICE DIVISION – entrants in this division have never entered a costume contest before or are a beginner to cosplaying.
  • YOUTH DIVISION – entrants in this are must between the ages of 13 and 17 years old (no exceptions).
  • WALK-ON – those who were unable to enter the event but want to showcase their costume.

**Note: If you are in a cosplay group, the group will be judged based on the person with the HIGHEST division level. IE: 4 people in 1 group. 2 are Novice, 1 is Journeyman, 1 is Master, ALL will be judged as Master level.

BCTC Cosplay Contest uses the skill division set up by the International Costumers’ Guild. If you are unsure what division you should register and compete in please review the link provided. If you still have questions contact Jena at kitteninstrings@gmail.com.